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New city, new job…

December 13, 2016


I am so excited to announce that I am beginning a new job as Corporate Ambassador for Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. I am passionate about this company, its values, and its purpose. What an honor to serve the company where my working days first began.

It feels like just yesterday I was starting my first job at Hobby Lobby. It was unpaid, but as an eleven-year-old, I didn’t mind. I began the day after Christmas, and I was awake before sunrise. The Hobby Lobby stores were going to open in a few hours, and I had a job to do: assist the Hobby Lobby gift bag buyer in counting the Christmas gift bags that were left after the holiday.

My dad was the gift bag buyer, and because he needed to visit a few stores to get counts on the bags that were left after Christmas, it became a tradition that my siblings and I would join him to help his work go faster.

I remember getting to the stores before they were opened, and seeing the manager welcome us all in from the cold – my dad, and his four little assistants bouncing behind him, eager to be a part of his work. It felt so special- helping my dad, and working alongside family members while being a part of something bigger than us. That’s when my love for working at Hobby Lobby began.


Throwback to when I was five years old – a few years before I started working with dad. 😉

So, after about a year living in New York City, I said goodbye to the Big Apple and moved back to Oklahoma City where the Hobby Lobby Corporate office is located. Michael and I loved our time living in Manhattan. I am convinced that the hardest time to move out of NYC is right around the holidays when the city comes to life with all of its magical decorations. What made this transition easier was knowing that it was God leading this change.

As I step into this new role, I can’t help but look back and remember those early days working with my dad in the stores. I never could have dreamed that so many years later, I would have the opportunity to serve as Corporate Ambassador, sharing with others the purpose and values of the company that I hold so dear.

New York, you will be missed. But here’s to another exciting adventure.



P.S. Check out Michael’s latest blog post on the top 4 things he learned while living in NYC.


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University of Oklahoma

November 5, 2011


The University of Oklahoma is a lovely place- particularly the football stadium. I LOVE walking around campus and going to the OU games. It reminds me of my college days, and how much God taught me during those years. They were years that included growth, heart-break, independence, new friendships and growth in previous friendships, lots of chick-fil-a meals and grilled cheese sandwiches, late nights, sleeping until 10 minutes before class, being late to a class for the first time in my life (ever), Tridelta, learning to study (high school was a joke compared to college studying), leading small groups, organizing multiple small groups, date parties, complaining about the cold during the long walk to class, rush, big/sis lil/sis, being in college with siblings: Derek & Lindy, roller blading to sonic (Casey), lots of moving in and out of the dorms and tridelt house, 6 different roommates in 4 years, marriage, matching class schedules with my husband, learning from other Christians who are not like me, OU/TX, finding my identity in Christ, the crew (you know who you are), experiencing bitterness and walking through having forgiveness, human delta, swimsuits/rain boots/rain in the delta lawn, new challenges, broken trust, learning to trust God, and so much more. How can I not love OU, when it was such a great season of my life? I love OU.
I love the football team too, and I cheer them on no matter what- so, with the OU/A&M just a few minutes away from kickoff- I will end this post with a BOOMER SOONER!!