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I love Angelina

June 1, 2015


I really like breakfast food. Especially when it doesn’t require me to get up early. If I can enjoy breakfast food late morning it is the best of both worlds. Thus, brunch is one of my favorite things and I want to share with you some of my favorite spots.

When I think of the ideal brunch, I imagine a leisurely meal with lovely people. I often enjoy brunch with my hubby, family or dear friends. It is usually enjoyed on a Saturday when I don’t have anything else to do, and I treasure those Saturdays. Slow Saturday mornings at home are few and far between in this season of life right now, and I am sure they won’t get easier to come by as life continues forward. So, I try to enjoy those lovely Saturday mornings when I have with nothing to do but sleep in and pick a nice breakfast spot with my hubby. I also enjoy them when I am squeezing in a tasty breakfast meal on the go or on the road and pretend like I’ve got nothing else to do.

I have tried many of the places in my home town of OKC, and love them. There are some fabulous places for brunch in OKC. So many tasty local spots. I will share about them in the future. For now, my husband gave me this idea to blog about my brunch places that I get the chance to visit while on the road.



I was told by a number of people that I should try this place while in Paris. They all recommended it for the hot chocolate. For those of you that told me to go there- thank you! I went the first morning I had in Paris, eager to try the hot chocolate after all they hype, but also eager to see what their brunch menu looked like. Michael and I had a few days in Paris over the weekend between business trips in Israel and England, so we were excited to soak in the city, but also enjoy the food while we are at it.

The place was adorable. A very vintage sheek tea room. It was definitely girly, but not to the same level as Laduree. Michael was pleased to see there were a few other guys in the restaurant :). We got seated and I was giddy – first because I was in Paris for a long weekend with my hubby, and secondly because I was getting brunch in Paris with my hubby this Saturday morning with nothing else to do but sightsee! A dream.



I check out the menu and after some struggle through translation from French to English, I find that they have the golden dish- French toast! Oh I love French toast. It is so good. I try it everywhere I go. I order the French toast and the hot chocolate. Eek how lovely- French toast, I France!

It lived up to what I would have hoped. Authentic French toast, and it was some of the best I have ever had. It had the perfect texture. The crust wasn’t too crunchy, but it was just lightly crisp. The inside bread was amazing- melt in your mouth, but not soggy. It was only lightly drizzled with some caramel syrup, so it was the perfect amount of added sweetness to the toast. If you like traditional syrup with your French toast, you might miss it- though I think you would still enjoy the Carmel drizzle just fine.

French Toast

The hot chocolate tasted like it was just straight melted Godiva chocolate. Whoa- so good, but really rich! I could only drink half a cup, but it was a good half a cup! They give you some whip cream to smooth out the chocolate. It was amazing, but I could have taken it a little less sweet. I also had their tea the next day- the Angelina special tea, and it was wonderful. A very sweet black tea, maybe a little sweeter than I prefer, but it had a nice smooth flavor.

Hot Chocolate

I definitely recommend trying Angelina if you are around one. It has great atmosphere as well as great food.

Do you have any recommendations for other good brunch places in Paris?


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