December 8, 2011

I didn’t have time to write a post about my thoughts the week of Thanksgiving, so even though it is late- here are my thoughts:

As I was thinking back over my year, I had so many things for which to be grateful. There are so many times throughout the year that I have been overwhelmed by the blessings in my life. This is not to say that I have not had a few difficult experiences to walk through this year, because I have. It seems like it is because of the trials that I am more grateful for the blessings in my life. I am also grateful for the difficult times because I learned so much through them. I have continued to see God’s faithfulness in the trials, I have learned to trust God better, and I have spent a lot more time growing in my prayer life this year because I was driven me to my knees. I am SO grateful for those trials! I would not have grown in ways that I did without them! What a blessing.

Besides the growth from trials, I am grateful for lessons that God has taught me just through our time together. As I think back over what I have learned this year, it seems that the things God has taught me have coincided with the seasons. I can see that in the summer, God taught me about having confidence in who He made me to be. I learned more about His character, and came to trust that He created me the way that I am for a reason. I want to continue to be more like Him, and trust in Him, and be okay with the way he created me.

Ironically, after God walked me through a journey of having confidence through Him in myself, God then taught me humility. I would characterize this fall with growing in humility, because  as I learned more about God, and who He is, I became much more aware of my pride. Wow, I am prideful! God is really working in my life, and my time in Scriptures has changed my life.

Me- learning about my pride, and I'm hanging out with the "pride" (aren't these little lion cubs cute?!)

Now winter is about to set in, and what do you know- I have begun to feel God moving in my heart again in a different direction. He is showing me my selfishness! Its fun to look back and see that all these things can tie together, because as I have allowed God to grow me in humility, it coincides with my selfishness. This is something that God has begun to work on in my heart, and I am looking forward to the journey of trusting in Him, and allowing His Holy Spirit to work in my life. Everything that has happened in my life this year is because of God, and He gets all the glory. I am far from perfect in any of these areas, but all of this is just to say that I am learning. Learning that I have a lot to learn, and a lot of growing to do.. I never would have been able to realize my own insecurity, pride and selfishness if it wasn’t for God and his grace moving in my life. I am so grateful for my Savior, I am nothing without Him.

I may write in more detail later about the journey that God brought me through with each of these learning areas, but for now- this is just an overview. Just a brief look at my year, and what I am grateful for. Until next time,

A grateful learner,


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