January 18, 2013

In many countries, there is a requirement that one of the parents has to be 25 years old before a couple is eligible to adopt. I have had a heart that was for adoption for a long time, and always thought it would be a part of Michael and I’s future. So, with that background information- December 8 was Michael’s 25th birthday. So, naturally, the day after he turned 25, I took him to a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday, and didn’t really mean for it to come up but the words just began coming out of my mouth like I couldn’t stop it. I was bringing up the idea of adopting- and doing it now. After chatting about it for a while, we decided that we needed to pray about it for 40 days before we did anything. So, today – January 18- marks 40 days. And it didn’t take us this long to decide that this was something we wanted to do- so we have already started the adoption paperwork process! haha. We are applying for an adoption to Uganda, Africa. It is a 2-3 year process from the time we start to the time we actually bring our child home, so we have a long road ahead of us. We greatly appreciate the prayers of our friends and family as we are on this journey. We plan to request a male child, between the age of 6-12 months. So the child that we will one day have is not even born yet! But we are excited that we have started the journey toward him.

As one of our pastors always says in his sign off-

Adopted(by my Heavenly Father) and loving it,

Lauren and Michael

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